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Fair Oaks, CA

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Who we are:

Still Light Studios is a photography company with over 18 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in helping school clients brand and market their image to reflect the level of success they bring to their students, families and communities. California schools are important to us and we want to provide the professional and enthusiastic look that helps our clients stands out above the rest. Our photography is influenced by photojournalism, fashion photography and TONS of fun. We provide a unique approach to candid style portraits bringing out the individualism and personality of a child. We also have a strong business acumen and set of processes to handle the large volume which is a must in the school photography industry.

Why choose us?:

It’s all about the photo quality and brand. The leading large corporate photography companies can handle the volume, but have dropped quality out of the picture in school photography. This leaves a sub-par product with nothing useful for the large marketing needs of a school. We are proving every day that high-end quality and style can co-exist with large volume school photography. We take a boutique photography approach with our clients by providing visually stunning photographs along with high quality service. We can provide a series of focused marketing shoots to capture the excitement and quality of everyday life at your school. Because of digital technology, we preserve and protect our environment by eliminating conventional methods of proofing which results in excessive waste.

In short, SLS wants to partner with your organization and be your school and brand/marking photographers (big or small).

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