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Q: How do I order re-touching when ordering online?


Digital Orders:
You can only order touch-ups online when ordering prints. If you would like tp purchase digital images with touch-ups, you will need to first email and request instructions on how to receive touch-ups for digital images. DO NOT order any digitals online until you've received confirmation that your touch-ups are complete.

Print Orders:
To order touch-ups with print orders, you must first order a print size and add it to your cart. Then you must go back and order the touch-up of that print image in your cart. First select (Heart) the image(s) you intend to buy. Then select the "Buy Now" button when you are ready to move to print size/Package options.

You will then need to select the product for the images you "hearted". You would select individual print sizes (A-la-cart) or you can select pre-defined packages. Package offereings al various sizes for ONE image. Select the product you desire and then you will be taken to the next page of selecting the image for that product.

Select the image on the right to add to your product you are currently fullfilling. The image will be displayed in the center.

You can double click on the image in the center to edit the image (Crop, change color, rotate, etc). Hit Save to save the crop or other edit and then select "Add to Cart" in your bottom right green area.

You will then see that an item is added to your cart.

You will then need to order retouching to the print you just added to your cart. Select "Basic Retouching" in the product selection page. You will then need to select the same image to be retouched. Once you've selected the image for retouching, you can "Add to Cart".

You will be taken to a confirmation page which makes sure you did take the opportunity to crop the image. If you do not crop to your liking, you will receive a print that is center weight cropped for sizes that are smaller in ration than a 4x6 size ratio. Select yes and hit "Next" to complete the checkout process.

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