Still Light Studios
Burlingame, CA
Fair Oaks, CA

Need Assistance?

We are constantly out on photo shoots, so the most efficient way to get a response from us is by using our contact form.

All Things School Photography can be found here for Hillsdale High School 2022 - 2023!

Senior Portrait Related info:

All things related to Senior Portrait photography can be found HERE.

Undergrad School Related Photo Info:

All things related to undergrad school photography can be found HERE.

Sports Photography:

Hillsdale sports photography will begin in the Fall. You will be communicated to by the coaching staff on specific team photo days.

Partner Services:

Parents - Interested in a family portraits, headshots or event photography? Contact for more information.

Referral Program:

Refer us to a school (make sure the school contact mentions you referred them to us), and if they hire us to photograph their school photos, we will send you $500.00. ($500.00 is for a school of 150 students or more, and is a one time amount per school).

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